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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the year ended 28 December 2018

The Business

Tenpin Limited is owned by Ten Entertainment Plc and is a company registered in England and Wales and operates 43 bowling centers throughout the UK and provides leisure entertainment to its customers. 

Zero tolerance

The Company recognises that modern slavery is a crime that can take many forms such as slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking. The Company has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery both within its own businesses and in its dealings with other organisations.


During the year, the Company has remained committed to working with its suppliers to build greater transparency within its supply chains. The Company itself remains committed to acting ethically and expects the same from those with whom the Company does business. As part of its contracting processes the Company has required its suppliers to commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the Company's policies, including as a minimum meeting the standards set out in the Company's Ethical Trading Policy which include applying the principles of the E.T.I. (Ethical Trading Initiative) and relevant International Labour Organisation standards and conventions.

The Company, where required, conducts an appropriate level of due diligence on its suppliers. The Company would address any failure by a supplier to meet the Company's standards on a case by case basis. Organisation's that fail to meet the Company's standards may jeopardise their ability to continue to do business with the Company and, ultimately, the Company may cease trading with any such supplier.

Company Policies

The Company has strict HR policies and standards to enshrine compliance with legislation and fundamental rights at work including: freedom of association, dignity at work and prevention of discrimination throughout employment. The Company's policies and standards are readily available to its staff through the Company's intranets and notice boards.


The Company actively encourages its employees to report any activity they believe to be unlawful and/or in breach of the Company's policies and standards. A free, anonymous and confidential 24 hour telephone line is available to all employees, details of which are in the Company's Whistle Blowing policy.


The Company's Board of Directors within Ten Entertainment Plc has ultimate responsibility for implementation of the Company's policies, including those that relate to ethical trading.

The Company regularly reviews its policies and processes with a view to ensuring transparency within its supply chains and that those with whom the Company does business are upholding the required legal and ethical standards.


Considered and approved by the Company's Board of Directors.

Duncan Garrood - Chief Executive Officer

January 2019