Corporate social responsibility is a core element of Ten Entertainment Group’s approach and helps establish trust and goodwill amongst employees and customers. The Group’s corporate social responsibility policy covers three main areas:

  • Charity and work within the community

    Our sites each have their own charity and give charitably in the form of events and fundraising, whilst the Group has an overarching charity, which is currently “Rays of Sunshine”. The Group also encourages all employees to give back to the community by allowing them to work fully paid for one day a year for a charitable organisation. This encouragement has also led to “VIP days” for terminally ill children and participating in national fundraising campaigns such as Children in Need.

  • Environmental

    Ten Entertainment Group is committed to operating its business in such a way as to minimise the impact on the environment as a result of its activities and will always aim to meet, and where practicable, improve upon relevant environmental legislative requirements and codes of practice. In addition, the Group continues to demonstrate environmental care in which it operates by carrying out professional surveys in order to identify where reasonable steps can be taken to reduce energy usage, promoting the purchase and use of materials within the business in a manner that minimises potential adverse environmental effects, developing waste minimisation initiatives in order to recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

  • Ethical

    The Group has policies in place which demonstrate its commitment to demonstrating a high level of integrity and standards and the welfare of its employees. This includes a “Health and Wellbeing Strategy” for the Group’s employees and providing a comprehensive but flexible benefits and reward scheme for all employees